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sea-iconSecure E-mail Access

ACN has developed Secure Email Access (SEA), a specific client application developed to support secure email services on mobile devices. SEA leverages ACN's Hawk and Eagle technology to secure e-mail communications without the need for complex certificates or tokens and is fully compatible with e-mail protocols. Using ACN's unique picture-based login users can securely access e-mail without having to remember long alphanumeric passwords. SEA encrypts all email communications, protecting login and mail messages against data stealing by malicious man-in-the-middle attackers.


Key points about SEA:

  • Secure access to protected e-mail services
  • Simple e-mail app to download and use
  • ACN’s SWA app option for secure webmail access
  • No certificates or tokens required
  • Protects against identify theft and hijacking of e-mail accounts
  • Works on any device, across any network
  • Picture based login option - no e-mail login credentials sent in clear
  • All e-mail communications encrypted in transit

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