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sia-iconSecure Internet Access

ACN has developed Secure Internet Access (SIA), a unique application that provides all the benefits of a VPN, but without all the security or management headaches. The SIA system allows Public WiFi service providers to deliver secure access across their networks to their subscribers. SIA can also be applied by ISPs, Mobile Operators and Cloud Services to secure user access to their gateways from any network; or by Enterprises for solving the BYOD secure communications issue. SIA users simply have to log in and then enjoy trouble-free communications from enabled devices.


Key points about SIA:

  • Secures user access to wireless Internet services - WiFi, 3G, 4G (LTE)
  • Cloud and BYOD enterprise solution also
  • Supports smartphone, tablet and PC-based devices
  • No certificates or tokens required
  • Can maintain secure session across network hops
  • Simple, easy to use app
  • No configuration issues
  • Eliminates MitM / interception
  • Prevents identity theft

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